¹ 2, 2002

Point of View presents an article by Dr. Sergei Glazyev, a member of the State Duma (the lower chamber of the Russian Parliament) and a leading Russian analyst called “The Missed Opportunities for Economic Growth”. Having scrutinised the Russian economy in 2001 and 2002 in great detail, the author makes a conclusion that, despite the existing opportunities to liven up manufacturing, the economy has been sliding towards depression. Economic growth in the last quarter of 2001 stopped, and the unique opportunities for rapid and sustainable growth turned out to have been missed.

Resources and Energy presents two articles by experts from information and analytical centre “Mineral”. Lyudmila Yapaskurt in her article “Natural Gas and Export Potential of the CIS Asian Member-Countries” analyses the reserves and extraction practices of natural gas in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, as well as export policies of these nations which is based on the export of natural gas. Maria Puzanova in her article “Natural Gas Hydrates as an Alternative to Traditional Resources” describes a perspective non-conventional source of natural gas — gas hydrates which may become a competitive source of gas as opposed to the traditional sources.

Around the World is opened with Arsen Vartanian's “International Co-operation with Iran in the Use of Atomic Energy for Civil Needs”. The author's case studies include co-operation between Iran and Germany, France, USA and Russia. Rostislav Spivak in his article “Socialist Republic of Vietnam: Russian Base in Southeast Asia” describes this country's potential for Russian penetration to other countries on the region. The rubric is concluded with the review and forecast of the economic and political situation in Czech Republic. The review was prepared by our information partner, Business Monitor International (BMI), a leading source of analysis, information and forecast for transitional economies.

Small Towns begin with Stanislav Mitichkin's “Computer Modelling of Urban Development” where the author presents a model describing the dynamics of urban development based on consideration of various factors and trends. In the author's case studies of the public utilities sector such factors may be income and expenditure of the municipal budgets, housing sector development, population and demographic trends, economic activity of enterprises, etc. The New Markets Magazine starts the publication of “visiting cards” of different municipalities which took part in the George Soros' programme “Small Towns of Russia”. These are intended as attraction for potential entrepreneurs, investors and municipal consultants. This time we publish Atkarsk Municipality profile (Saratov Region of Russia).

NEW: This issue introduces four new rubrics. One of them, Lobbying for the Russian Economy, is opened by the President of Centre for Legal Support of the Manufacturing Industry, Dr. Stepan Sulakshin. In his article “Lobbying, Opening a New Rubric” he makes a conclusion that lobbying as a means of communication and liaison between companies and the state power is an area of professional business. Two following articles written by the same author together with his colleague from the same organisation, Alexei Tymchenko, explain how industrial policy may be reflected in the legislative activities and how the different interests shall be considered in the official legislative initiatives.

NEW: Another new rubric, Pro-Motion, is opened by an article by Yelena Skriptunova “Designing Marketing System at a Food Processing Enterprise”. She uses the example of one industry sector to make conclusions which may be very helpful for other sectors, too. There are many illustrations showing how marketing may work as a system, how market analysis shall be carried out, etc. Irina Kiryukhina in her article “What Does the RPM Stand For” analyses the key current trends in the Russian advertising and promotion market. The abbreviation is simple the Russian Promotion Market, but is it correct to measure it in revolutions per minute? Natalia Zhavoronkova's “Show Must Go On, or How to Sell by Entertaining” describes the newest promotion methods, show-marketing and event marketing.

NEW: The presenter of another new rubric, Business Women's Dossier, Nina Yakovchuk is the chief editor of the Economic News newspaper and also the president of Business Women Club “Jen-Club”. Her report “Women in the Labour Market” deals with issues such as gender inequality, women's salaries, education and age as means of competition in the labour market, opportunities for women to occupy top-management positions, etc.

NEW: Another new rubric is called Problems of Management. It is opened “The Merit of Billing for Low-Value Goods” by Andrew Tolputt, associate consultant at The Phillips who explores the value of microtransaction billing and it's validity in an ever-changing communications market. Gleb Arkhangelsky in his article “Organising Personal Work Time for Better Corporate Effectiveness” will be a useful piece of reading for all readers, no matter if they are engaged in business and management, or not. The author suggests some good methods for planning and saving personal work time. Sergei Turko's review of a popular business manual called “The Business Strategy Audit” published by Cambridge Audits is the first in a series of reviews of publications made by this UK-based publishing house. The review describes the three stages of the audit, namely external environment audit, organisation self-assessment and integration of the findings of the first two stages.

The issue is concluded with Reviews and Announcements, where we present new books for business published by Business-Book Publishing House.

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