5, 2001


Point of View presents Inna Sapozhnikovas and Askhat Kutlalievs article "Income of Russians = Wages + X?". This subject may be of interest virtually to any reader, being the crucial issue of multiple arguments and opinions. This article analyses the various interconnections existing between the basic wealth indices of the Russian population.

Password to the Future Olga Porshnevas "WTO: History, Present, Future" review marks the beginning of a new series of articles on Russias relationship with and around the World Trade Organisation. The first article in the series deals with the history of WTO, with special focus on how the Dispute Resolution Procedure has been applied to member countries.

The rubric continues with Sergei Turkos "Theory of Solving Invention Problems as a Quality Management Tool". This is the story how to improve efficiency of inventions many times by applying some lesser known techniques.

Sergei Kozitskys article "The New European Currency" will surely help the future users of the cash Euros avoid many discrepancies which may arise in connection with this currency's appearance in the "materialised" form next year.

Sergei Grishaev and Dmitry Magazanik provide detailed expert overview of the different uses and perspectives of PETF, a material of which most bottles, as well as packaging materials are made.

Our permanent contributor Serguei Rubtsov compares the two widely-spread management concepts: plan-based and intuition-based, but the general balance, in his opinion, is not in favour of the latter.

Around the world happened to be devoted almost entirely to Asia, with two articles about Iran (focused on the free economic zones and railway sector), and another two dealing with more general problems relevant to co-operation with Asian and, particularly, Persian Gulf countries.

There is an exception, though. We are happy to introduce a new series of country surveys which will be supplied to us by our new information partner, Business Monitor International, a world's leading source of news, analysis and forecast on the emerging markets. This time the focus is made on Hungary, a small European country with very big opportunities.

Reviews and Announcements again is led by Dmitry Ryabykhs overview of Internet sites for businessmen. His article "Russian Journals Sites for Managers" is a useful guide about the leading Russian business media available through the net.