№ 4, 2001


Point of View presents Dr. Mikhail Delyagin, a prominent Russian analyst and Director of the Institute of Globalisation Problems. In his article "The Autumn of Globalisation", the author analyses the key problems of globalisation and how they may be inter-connected with miscellaneous catastrophes, such as the terrorist attack in New York on September 11. As a conclusion, the author claims that the tragedy of 11th of September was the final act of the formation of the post-Soviet world which began with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Password to the Future opens with Stanislav Cherkassky's "Kings of the Mountain Tops" based on the author's own recent experience of reaching the highest top of Elbrus, Europe's tallest mountain, with a group of mountaineers who wanted to self-test some management and team-working techniques while passing through all the hardships and joy of an alpine crew life.

The following story is written by Serguei Rubtsov. The author is analysing models of interaction between open systems and explains the importance of open systems for business consultants, designers of corporate information systems and electron commerce systems.

This issue's Around the World is focused on Africa and China. All who want to effectively work with African partners should not miss Dr. Vladimir Lopatov's story from his own life-time experience called "If Your Partner is an African". The author gives advice as to how to negotiate with African businessmen in the most efficient way, illustrated with examples from Russian-African economic relations.

Rostislav Spivak described the present state and development plans of the Chinese natural gas sector. The author gives his own perception of how Russian companies should enter and successfully compete in the East Asian markets.

Business under Microscope continues the survey of CIS rare metals. This time the author of the rubric, Igor Petrov, describes the market of rare-earth metals and gives his forecast of the development of this segment of the Russian economy in the future.

The metallurgy theme is also present in Serguei Grishayev's article where he analyses the problems of export of scrap aluminium from Russia, including the material base and customs policies.

Readers involved in designing questionnaires and interviewing are sure to notice Askhat Kutlaliev's article "Can You Ask Questions?" However, we are sure that not only professional interviewers would like to test themselves by applying the criteria described by Askhat.

Reviews and Announcements introduce new business books printed by PITER Publishing House.

Dmitry Ryabukh continues his series of articles devoted to the business Internet. The readers of his new review "Dot Com Journals for Managers" will discover many new sources of creative management concepts and techniques which they may use without leaving their homes or offices, through Internet, of course.

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