№ 3, 2001


Point of View this time is represented by Wabi Heian's "Test for a Leader" where the author expresses her view about who may be the true leader and how to become one. Maybe, having read this article you will recognise yourself in the portrait?

Password to the Future opens with Serguei Turko's story where he compares business with warfare and gives his vision of whether and how a military strategy can be applied to business. Or maybe it is not at all appropriate, and business is a mere partnership, friendship, concord? Or just a game along certain rules?

Serguei Rubtsov's study of operations draws the reader's attention to the modern tools of process modelling used when taking management decisions at organisations, with special focus on the role of an individual in modelling.

Textile specialists will appreciate Oleg Kashcheev's review "The Russian Techtextile: Let's Agree Upon the Terms" which gives an original classification of technical textiles based on the best Russian and international methodologies.

Around the World this time takes you to Iran and Persian Gulf countries. Rostislav Spivak describes the present state of Iranian gas industry, introduces new deposits and pipelines to be built, gives recommendations to companies interested in developing business with Iran. Petr Gorodetsky's article "Persian Gulf Stock Markets and the World Economy" dwells upon the historical development of the region's stock markets, their becoming more open for foreign investors, gives forecasts for future development.

Business under Microscope starts with Moisei Gelman's in-depth study called "At Petrol Gun Point" which analyses the fuel market with all its opportunities and hardships.

Igor Petrov's second story from the series "CIS Rare Metals Survey" is devoted to zirconium. The author describes the present state and gives his vision of Russia's and world supply and consumption of this metal, as well as of its derivatives called zircon and baddeleyite.

Askhat Kutlaliev's "To Be a Brand or Not to Be..." gives the author's answers to the famous Hamlet's question if referred to consumers preferences and explains the importance of brand management as a tool for successful marketing.

All who are interested in modern ways of investments are advised to read Dmitry Ryabykh's "Internet Investment Projects" which gives useful tips for attracting investments via this powerful resource..

Reviews and Announcements introduce new business publications written by Russian and international authors and guides the readers through the various buying channels.

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