The bridport weekly bulletin reflects the views of a leading, independent West European advisory and brokerage service specialising infixed-income securities (bonds). The bulletin is aimed at assisting investors in the choice of type, maturity and geography of their fixed-income holdings.

The behaviour of the bond market is partly dependent on stock markets, which therefore usually provide the bulletin with its starting point week by week. However, the weekly also includes an appreciation of economic fundamentals, such as corporate profitablity, inflation and government/central bank policy on taxation, spending and interest rates, and makes recommendations as to the average maturity for bonds in each of four main currencies. The bulletin is international in scope, but inevitably pays most attention to US economic policy and performance, reflecting that country's dominant position the world economy. The bridport weekly combines economic news and feedback from Bridport Investor Services' interaction with institutional clients.

Although written primarily for institutional investors (banks, pension and investment funds, insurance companies), the weekly may also be useful for private investors.

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