We have the pleasure of inviting your organisation to advertise
with a leading Russian-language business analytical by-monthly
published by Practic TCC, Russia’s oldest research company


Each issue of the magazine contains:

  • analytical in-depth materials about new perspective markets (commodity, technological, geographic, virtual, etc.);
  • an overview of new management and marketing techniques with focus on real examples of successful and unsuccessful business decisions;
  • a review of most recent business publications on foreign trade and management;
  • one-page English-language summary;
  • a theme supplement called “Blitzexpo” devoted either to international and local fairs and exhibitions, or specific markets, countries, and business opportunities.

The print run is being distributed as follows:

  • by national individual subscription through the Russia postal network (22%);
  • by international subscription (1%);
  • by collective subscription: through regional chambers of commerce, NGOs, industry associations, exhibition centres, and the like (67%);
  • by direct mail, at the editor’s decision (up to 10%).

Our audience is represented by:

  • CEOs and CMOs of producing and trading companies involved into external economic activity (72,5%);
  • government officials (20,5%);
  • university and post-graduate students of business and economics (7%).

Geography of distribution includes:

  • Moscow-city and region (50%);
  • other Russian regions and former Soviet Union Republics (50%).

1. Direct access to CEOs and CMOs of Russian major producer and foreign trade companies

There are more than 18000 companies involved in foreign trade in Russia. Nearly half of them form the audience of our publication, with their chief executive and marketing officers being the target readers.

2. Advertiser’s control over part of the distribution

We reserve up to 10% of the print run for direct mail. This allows us to address even those companies who are not our subscribers at the moment.

3. Free translations of the advertisements

Don’t worry if you haven’t got any in-house Russian translators. Our staff will be happy to translate your advertisements from English, German and French into Russian, free of charge. Other languages are possible, too, but may incur an extra charge.

4. Reasonable price and easy calculation

  • our concept of the base tariff (US$2000 for A4 coloured, and US$1800 for A4 black-and-white) makes it very easy to self-calculate your advertising cost. If your advertisement is smaller than A4, just multiply the applicable base tariff by the percentage of A4 and by the coefficient 1,3. If it is bigger, than the coefficient will be 0,9. For example: your advertisement is full-colour, 75% of A4. Than the cost of your advertisement will be: US$2000 x 0,75 x 1,3 = US$1950;
  • advertising on the covers is subject to availability and requires case-by-case price agreement;
  • there are quantity and agency discounts. The usual commission to advertising agencies is 15% off the applicable rate.

5. Payment after the publication

Even if your company is advertising with us for the first time, you can use the benefit of buying the space now and paying for it later. All you need is to write to us a letter of guarantee and stamp it with your local Chamber of Commerce. Second time advertisers are granted this privilege automatically.

We are proud to have world’s most reputable companies as our advertisers. Our advertisers’ list includes Messe Frankfurt (Germany), International Poznan Fair (Poland), Allied Expo, Sanadiki travel Services (Syria), Hong Kong Trade Development Council (China), Bahrain Society for Training and Development (Bahrein), The Leaders Tour Operator (Iran), Technomic Consultans (Switzerland), Western Union, Dun and Bradstreet, Transport & Logistics, and many others.

Thank you for the attention you have devoted to this proposal. We look forward to welcoming you as an advertiser in The New Markets Magazine!